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LooCloud for PC brings the LooCloud App to your desktop offering similar functionality and accessibility. This article will teach you how to log in to LooCloud for PC, as well as teach you how to view your cameras. 


Download LooCloud for PC here:


1. Once you have installed LooCloud PC to the directory of your choice, open the LooCloud App by double clicking on the icon on your desktop.


2. When LooCloud PC opens, enter your LooCloud account name and password. These will be the same credentials you use to access the LooCloud App for iOS and Android.

If you don't have a LooCloud Account, select the register option and complete the fields. 

3. Once you're logged in, select the option titled "Device Searching" in the bottom left corner. This will automatically scan your Local Area Network to find your DVR and Cameras. 

 LooCloud PC only works on the Local Network and requires an ethernet cable going in to the DVR. LooCloud PC is not a substitute for the LooCloud Mobile App. Use the LooCloud Mobile App for viewing footage on the go.

4. Once LooCloud PC is done scanning the Local Area Network a list will pop up with your DVR. Highlight your DVR and select "Add to the List" in the bottom left corner.

5. Once you select "Add to the List" another window will appear asking you to confirm your selection. The information in this window should be identical to the device parameters found in the LooCloud Mobile App. If you've customized the DVR name or password these changes will need to be reflected here. If all settings are accurate, select the 'Add' button. 

 If you want High Definition video sent to LooCloud PC, ensure that the "Main Stream" option is selected. If you want Standard Defintion video sent to LooCloud PC, select the "Substream" option. These settings can be changed in LooCloud PC by going to Device Management > Modify Parameters.

6. Once your LooCloud DVR has been added successfully you will get a notification, and the DVR name will appear in the top left corner under the Device List. 

7. Double Click on the DVR's name to view your camera list. 

8. Double Click on the Camera's name to view the camera in the corresponding channel window, starting in the top left. Double click on the window to view the camera in full screen. Double click again to return to the camera layout screen.