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How to Protect your Property, FREE

How to Protect your Property, FREE



  1. Lock you doors and windows.

Burglars know an easy target – they need to get in and out quickly. Breaching a lock takes time, quality locks deter criminals. Burglars often use windows, particularly rear windows to access your property. Make sure your windows are closed and locked. As well, lock your shed or garage so you don’t provide potential burglars the tools to break in to your house.


  1. Close your curtains, drapes and blinds.

Most burglaries aren’t random. Criminals often can see into the house and spot the valuables they wish to take. By keeping visibility into your house limited, especially at night time, the burglar will move onto to more promising prospects.


  1. Ask neighbours to watch your home and collect your mail.

When your mail sits uncollected, it is a sign to potential burglars that no on is home and your property is ripe for plucking. Cancel newspaper delivery while you are gone and have neighbour, friend or relative pick up your mail. Additionally, pay someone to mow your lawn, if you are away for an extended period of time.


  1. Put your expensive goods away

Many burglars look for easy to sell items in your home. Laptops, Home Entertainment Equipment and Computers are commonly stolen and easily sold. If possible lock them away or keep them concealed. As well, don’t leave valuable items near the door as it allows the criminal to quickly and enter and leave with your goods.


  1. Don’t let burglars use your spare keys.

No matter how good a hiding place may seem, burglars almost always look for hidden keys and are aware for what to look for. Leave your keys with a trusted neigbour, friend or relative.


  1. Make your home look like it’s lived in.

Set a sprinkler or your lights to activate on and off with a timer. If possible, set the timer to eccentric times, like 7:12 or 8:42 while avoid setting on the hour or half-hour.

  1. Turn boxes inside out

If you have recently purchased a television, stereo or other valuable household item turn the box inside out when disposing of it so as not to display your property to the outside world. Better yet, take valuable boxes to the recycling centers yourself.