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What Happens At Night?

Loocam's Predator Night Vision technology adjusts from a full color image in bright light conditions to black & white in low light -- or no light -- automatically.

Press play to see video recorded by Loocam.

Customer Reviews

"This install was so easy the hardest part is running the cables. Every thing was plug and play. 🤗" 

"The cameras are top notch. Picture is clear during daytime and night vision is amazing as well. I definitely recommend this system."

"Great Product. It does everything as it should fabulously. I have owned other competitor and the Customer Service has always been the weak point. I was so glad to contact the Loocam Customer Service to find more help than I expected. Not only was it an American I was talking to they answered my question by sending me an E-mail with perfect step by step helped me to solve my question. Then the next day they called me to make sure the problem was solved. Wow. Who does that. I am sold on this product. I highly recommend this."

"Metal housing and solidly built. Superb image quality and simple user interface at a cost that does not beak the bank."

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