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Control any other alarms from this menu.


1. Alarm Types: From the drop down menu select the type of alarm to configure. The alarms and their functions are as follows:

    • Disk Full: Set up alarms for when the disk runs out of available storage space. This alarm comes with an additional feature called the Disk Shortage alarm. The default setting for the DVR is to record 24/7. See Below
    • IP Conflict: Set up alarms for any IP conflicts. This typically occurs if the DVR is assigned an IP that has already been assigned to another networked device, which can happen after a power outage, when several devices attempt to connect to the internet at the same time.
    • Disconnect: Set up alarms if the DVR is disconnected from the internet connection.
    • Disk Attenuation War: Set up alarms if there are issues with vibrations or shock attenuation within the DVR’s hard drive. Increased vibration or shock could corrupt any files you may have saved.
    • Disk Lost: Set up alarms if there are corrupted files detected on the DVR’s hard drive.
2. Buzzer: Select whether you want a alarm buzzer to sound from the DVR.
3. Email: Select whether you would like to receive an email alert at the specified email address.
4. To Alarm Out: This feature is not supported by this product.
5. Disk Shortage Alarm: Only available under the Disk Full alarm type, this option triggers an alarm once your disk drive has reached the determined capacity.
 Remember to "Apply" your settings before exiting the menu.
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