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Enables the user to create a backup copy of any important video and image recordings.

 Before backing up any files please make sure you connect an external hard drive using the USB input to the back of the DVR. Do not use the front USB input. 

1. Select a Start Time and an End Time for your search using the calendar icon. 

2. Select the channels you want to search using the check boxes below the Start Time and End Time fields. Selected channels will be marked with a check mark.

3. Select the Search Button. The image screen will populate with the first available image.

4. Select the file you’d like to backup by checking the box next to the file.

5. Select the Backup button to copy the files to your external hard drive.

Backup Information

Before backing up the information you will see the following screen:

1. Start Time:  The date and time the recording starts.

2. End Time: The date and time the recording ends.

3. The Number of Files: The number of files being transferred to USB device.

4. Size[GB]: The size of files being transferred in gigabytes.

5. Storage Media: The name of the device you are transferring your files to.

6. Free[GB]: The amount of free space remaining on your USB device.

7. Save File Type: The file type of the exported files. All devices are defaulted to .AVI for maximum playback compatibility.

8. Progress Bar: This bar will show you the progress of your file transfer.

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