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Adjust the date and time information for your Loocam DVR system.


1. Date Format: Select between different formats to display the date. The options are:

    • DD-MM-YY (default)
    • YY-MM-DD
    • MM-DD-YY
2. Time Format: Select between a 12 hour and 24 hour format.
3. Time Zone: Select your current timezone.
4. Sync Time with NTP Server: Automatically update your system date and time with this feature. Check the box to sync the system time with an internet server. The default NTP server is provided by Windows.
5. NTP Server: Ensures you have an accurate system time. The default server is time.windows.com. It is recommended you use the default server. You can change the setting by left-clicking with the mouse, and inputting a new server using the virtual keyboard.
6. Update Now: Select this option after entering a new NTP Server to enable and save your changes.
7. System Date: Select the selected system date. To change the date click the calendar icon  and select the accurate date from the calendar menu using the mouse.
8. System Time: Displays the current system time.
9. Remember to click on the Save Now button to save any changes!
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