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Connecting a Microphone to your Loocam DVR


1. Unravel the Mircophone Cable and separate the two ends. Locate the end with TWO MALE CONNECTIONS

2. Take the RED male connection from the Microphone Cable and connect it to the RED female cable attached to the Microphone.

3. Take the BLACK male connection from the Microphone Cable and connect it to the BLACK female cable attached to the Microphone.

4. On the other end of the Microphone Cable and the RED male connection and connect it to the back of the DVR under the desired channel.

5. Take the remaining BLACK connection and connect it to the Microphone Power Adapter.

6. Once all cameras are connected, connect the Camera Power Adapter to a surge protector or power outlet. To protect your Loocam device we recommend using a surge protector to prevent against electrical damage.