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Before using the Loocam app we need to make sure that your account is connected to your DVR. Follow this guide to connect everything together.

Make sure your Loocam DVR is connected to the internet via Ethernet connection and ensure that your Apple or Android device is updated to the most recent software version to help prevent compatibility issues. 



 Before connecting your Loocam account to your DVR make sure your unique QR code is visible on the DVR's monitor. You can display the QR code by going to the Main Menu, and selecting Information, followed by System.

 1. Open the app, and input your unique username and password. Select "Login" to login to your Loocam account. If you haven't registered a Loocam account, learn how to do so here.

2. Once you've logged in, select the plus icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Ensure the "DVR" option is selected

4. Scan the QR code on the screen, or manually input the Device ID found on the Information > System Menu.

5. Enter the Password used to log-in to the DVR. If you didn't set up a password for the DVR, the field should be blank.

6. Name your DVR.

7. Select the Checkmark icon in the top right hand corner to add your DVR to your Loocam account.

To View your Cameras:

1. Once you add the device, select your DVR by tapping on the large purple rectangle in the My Device window, seen below.


2. You'll see a screen with several black boxes. Select the plus icon in the center of the boxes.

3. A new menu will appear, showing your channels. Tap on the channels you'd like to view. Selected channels will have purple text.

4. Select confirm to begin viewing your cameras. 


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