Home / How to Connect your Wireless IP Camera to your Loocam Account

Prior to installing the camera in its desired location, you will want to get it connected to your WiFi network. For the first time setting up the camera, it will need to be connected to your internet router with an ethernet cable. This helps it establish the connection quickly.

After you have connected the camera to your router, please connect your phone to your home WiFi and install the Loocam App on your phone.

Once the app is installed and you've created an account, log in and you will be ready to start the setup process. 

 Once you log in to your account, select the "+" icon in the top right hand corner



Next, select the "IP Camera" option in the left hand column, then choose the “Smart camera C199” option. After selecting your camera, your phone's camera will turn on. Use your camera to scan the camera’s QR code. The QR code can be located on the underside of the camera body.



You can select the pencil icon in the upper right corner to manually enter the device ID, which is written under the QR code.

After the code has been scanned or the ID entered, it will bring you to the Device Information page.

If it is your first time adding this camera, or if you’ve reset the camera settings, the password will be “admin” (all lowercase, no quotations). Additionally, if you’d like to enter a custom name for the camera, it can be added in the Name field.



Once the deviceID and the password are entered, you can tap Next.

If your camera is connected to the router, then you should see a message stating the camera connected successfully. After selecting Add Device you will be brought back to the home screen of the Zosi Smart App and the camera will be listed there. Settings can be found by selecting the gear icon as seen below. 

To view the camera, tap the image preview and it will begin streaming the video to your phone. The first time you view the cameras, it will appear as a black box, as seen above.



Next, select in the top right, then WiFi Setting. Available WiFi networks will be listed below the Confirm button. Select your network and enter the WiFi password, then tap confirm.

A brief message will appear towards the bottom if it was added successfully. Once that appears, you are ready to disconnect the camera from the ethernet and install it.

Please also ensure you’re able to access the camera while on your 4G/LTE network.

If you are able to view the camera on your local WiFi connection, and are unable to view the camera on your 4G/LTE network you may have a firewall limiting the camera’s ability to communicate outside your local network.

You may need to open ports 80, 5000, and 5001 on your router or modem. For port-forwarding instructions, please contact the manufacturer of your router or modem.