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Adjust settings that determine the quality of recorded video



1. Channel List: List of available channels.

2. Resolution: Automatically displays the record resolution for each connected camera.

3. FPS: Select how many frames-per-second will be recorded. Higher frames-per-second will take up more hard drive space but will provide a smoother picture. The default is 30 FPS. 

4. Encode: Select between CBR (Constant Bit Rate) and VBR (Variable Bit Rate) audio encoding. VBR is the default. 

5. Quality: Select between 7 levels of video quality. The default is “higher” quality. Lower settings will use less storage space while reducing image quality.

6. Max Bitrate: Select the maximum bit rate to be transferred from the camera to the DVR. A higher bitrate will result in a higher quality recording at the expense of storage space.

To apply your selections to all channels check the box at the bottom of the screen under the section marked “All”.

Remember to "Apply" your settings before exiting the menu.

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