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1. Remove all items from their packaging


If you are placing the mount on a ceiling

Rotate the mount on the back of the camera 180° by loosening the screw at the base of the mount, using the packaged hex key. Once you rotate the mount to the intended position tighten the screw by turning counter-clockwise.

If the mount is being installed on a wall or flat surface you do not need to rotate the mount.

2. Place the mounting bracket where the camera is being installed. Ensure the camera is installed no more than 60ft (18m) away from the DVR, unless you have purchased additional cabling.

3. Using a Phillips #1 screwdriver or electric drill, mount the camera to the wall or ceiling, turning all the screws clockwise.

4. Please ensure that the mounting bracket is secured tightly to the wall


5. Adjust the viewing angle of the camera to your desired preference by using the hex key packaged with your LooCam device. Loosen the screw by turning counter-clockwise, and tighten the screw by turning clockwise.


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